Rasps and files

Rasps and files
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Microplane rvs twee platte wisselbladen voor r² rasp, 2 stuks

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  • Price per set of 2 pieces: € 32,20 incl. VAT
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  • € 24,15 incl. VAT
    € 19,96 excl. VAT
  • Deal until: 30 september 2020
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Vorm: plat

Breedte: 25 mm

Bladlengte: 200 mm

Aanbieding geldt zo lang de voorraad strekt!

Twee losse platte wisselbladen die u kunt gebruiken op de R² rasp 32000 serie. De set bestaat uit één fijn wisselblad en één grof wisselblad.

Enthousiaste reacties van gebruikers:


A lot of people wonder, “What’s the difference between this [Microplane] and a file?”


A file scrapes wood; a Microplane [rasp] shaves wood much like a spoke shave or a drawknife. But the benefit is it’s so much faster than these tools. They come presharpened and preset, so you don’t have to take the time to either sharpen or set the blades. Plus they’re surprisingly inexpensive. – Scott Philips, host of The American Woodshop.


I use Microplane [rasps] in every phase of the carving process from cleaning up the chainsaw cuts on my starting block to shaping and smoothing the final curves. I have become so dependent on them that I would probably give up carving if they were no longer available. – John McAbery, Sculptor.

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