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Boeken over houtbewerkingstechnieken
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DVD: Rob Cosman, part 4, Rough to Ready

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Auteur: Rob Cosman

Taal: Engels

Speelduur: 45 minuten

Aanbieding geldt zolang de voorraad strekt.

Van ruw hout iets glads maken, daar draait deze DVD om. Rob Cosma gebruikt een hele range schaven om allerlei houtsoorten te vlakken. Kopshout of met de nerf mee, hiervoor zijn speciale schaven en Rob behandelt deze allemaal.

Bench side instruction on dimension lumber from rough to smooth. Rob teaches how to get a great workout and a flat board to boot! While you may or may not wish to dimension all your lumber by hand, knowing how is a valuable skill for when power tools are not an option. Rob walks you through the importance of getting the first face flat so the reference face will be as accurate as needed. Using a collection of hand planes and demonstrating how to sharpen the less common ones. Rob takes a piece of rough Mahogany through the paces of becoming straight, flat and true on all six surfaces. Sweat guaranteed!


Rob Cosman has been woodworking for most of his life. While earning a B. Sc. in Industrial Technology/ Furniture Design at Brigham Young University, he was Dr. Dale L. Nish's teachning assistant. Rob has also worked with many of the world's best master craftsmen - including Alan Peters, Sam maloof, Tage Frid, Monroe Robinson, and Peter Korn.


Rob frequently travels to demonstrate woodworking techniques, and has taught hand tool skills to hundreds of students. He has operated a custom woodshop since 1989, where he designs and builds made-to-order furniture with an emphasis on using hand tools. Rob and his wife Kim live in New Brunswick with their eight children.

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