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DVD: Jim Kingshott, Special Planes

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Auteur: Jim Kingshott

Taal: Engels

Speelduur: 90 minuten


Deze DVD staat volledig in het teken van hout schaven. Er zijn vele soorten schaven en elke type schaaf heeft haar eigen functie en mogelijkheden. Diverse schaven worden dan ook besproken en getoond hoe u deze het beste kunt gebruiken. 

Extra informatie

Because the hand plane is an essential part of the woodworker's toolbox that can add style and elegance to any project, this instructional video explains in detail how to successfully set up and use grooving, molding, shoulder, and miter planes, as well as fillisters and spokeshaves, among others. Instructions are provided for making a special plane, as are tips on what to avoid and what to look for when buying a used plane. The friendly and simple style of instruction will teach every woodworker how to both save time and increase productivity.

Jim Kingshott has made furniture for British royalty, and for many years was master of apprentice cabinetmakers for the Royal Air Force. Jim explains tools, techniques and traditions in a friendly conversational style that everyone can understand. In these beautifully produced videos Jim welcomes viewers into his own small, tool-filled workshop. He passes along the skills and secrets that were handed down to him, and he freely shares the insights gained during 50 years at the workbench.

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